About Us

Strolll was founded in 2018 by Tom Finn after taking time out to help care for his Dad. Nigel, (Tom's Dad) was experiencing increased mobility impairment with Parkinson’s like symptoms as a result of Vascular Dementia.

After attending a physio appointment with his dad and seeing the difference that coloured lines had in helping him to walk, Tom had all the inspiration he needed.

In November 2018, along with co-founder Rupert, Tom set out on a mission to redefine the reality of Parkinson's for millions of others around the world.

Fast forward 3 years and strolll has become a pioneer in neurotechnology with an incredible team of people dedicated to improving lives for those with Parkinson’s. To find out more about us, our team, and our mission, watch the video or click below to read more!

  • Unlock Your Mobility.

    Products designed to enable people to bypass mobility impairment in Parkinson’s with personalised multi-sensory cues.

  • (DTx) Neuro-Rehabilitation.

    Cue-assisted physical therapy programs designed to increase exercise and slow Parkinson's progression.

  • Quantifiable Assessment.

    Enabling measurable treatment outcomes with real-time gait analysis, symptom tracking and assessment.

The Challenge.

While most people associate Parkinson’s with a hand tremor, walking (gait) impairment, balance and or falls can be one of the most challenging symptoms.

In a recent survey by Parkinson’s UK of more than 1200 people affected by Parkinson’s, balance and falls were rated the number one priority area for research.

Cue Markers.

The world’s first adhesive floor tape designed for visual cueing in Parkinson's.

For people with Parkinson’s, Cue Markers are an effective, low-cost, visual cue that can easily be installed in the home or other free-living environments to improve mobility, reduce fall risk and give users back their control and independence.

Easily installed on any indoor floor surface (including carpet) Cue Markers could get you moving today!

Cue X Glasses.

The worlds first pair of augmented reality glasses to assist, train, and measure gait, balance and falls anywhere, anytime.

Feature List

Accessible anywhere, anytime.

Multi-sensory cueing in a single device.

Personalised Treatment.

Gamified Neuro-rehabilitation.

Personalised Treatment.

Assessment & Diagnostics.

Cue X glasses are a wearable, assistive and physical therapy medical device for Parkinson’s that provides access to multi-sensory cues (Visual, Audio & Haptic) in a single device.

Cue X has the largest number of variations of cue settings, enabling precision individual treatment, which enables higher user compliance in physical therapy through gamified tele-health programs supported by accurate, quantifiable assessment.

Cue X Glasses for Parkinson's Disease by Strolll

The Science

Strolll’s products are all designed and developed based on the long-known principles of sensory cueing in Parkinson's.

Sensory cueing is defined as temporal or spatial stimuli, which facilitate repetitive movement usually provided as visual, tactile (touch) or auditory rhythmic signals.

In simple terms, cueing can be achieved by placing lines on the floor to guide a person on where to place their foot with each step (visual), playing a metronome beat which a person can sync their step pattern to the beat of (audio) or through vibration/touch which can act as a prompt for movement (tactile).

The leading hypothesis on why this method works, is that sensory cues can activate different neural pathways and areas of the brain that can control movement and are not damaged or degenerating because of the underlying condition.

In essence, sensory cues enable a person to bypass the automatic motor programs that are impaired in Parkinson’s, prompting the brain to engage different neural pathways related to attention or a goal-oriented mode of motor control.

Our Supporters

Here at strolll we know that to drive real and meaningful change in the treatment of Parkinson’s we need support from the entire spectrum of stakeholders.

We’re lucky to have several relationships with leading Universities, Parkinson’s Charities, and some of the world’s largest companies who share our vision for a digital health revolution in Parkinson’s.

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News / Media

Strolll has been fortunate to be featured by world leading media and news outlets who are helping us to increase awareness of the potential of sensory cueing in Parkinson’s. Check out some of the amazing features and stories by simply clicking below!