What if we told you, there was a way for people with Parkinson's to bypass the damaged neural pathways that impair walking?

About Us

Strolll was founded in 2018 by Tom Finn after taking time out to care for his Dad, Nigel, who was struggling with his mobility from Vascular Parkinsonism.

After being shown by a local Physiotherapist how coloured lines on the floor can help someone with Parkinson's to bypass affected brain areas and regain their mobility, Tom was inspired and set out with the idea to create a software application for augmented reality glasses which could put coloured lines anywhere in the world his Dad might need them, and giving him back his freedom of movement and quality of life.

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How Does it work?

Parkinson's affects the part of our brain which controls automatic motor programs, like walking, swallowing or other movements that we often don't consciously think about.

To overcome these walking difficulties, we must bypass the impaired neural pathways, and while it's not as easy as changing gears in a car, it is possible through 'Cueing'.

Cueing can be defined as a mechanism of applying a spatial or a temporal stimulus to facilitate initiating or maintaining motor activity.

In simple terms, by placing lines on the floor, to step on or step over, a person with Parkinson's can bypass the impaired neural pathways responsible for automatic movement and instead, engage other brain areas which control attention, or goal directed movement.

  • Unlock Mobility.

    Strolll products can enable you or a loved one to detour degenerating neural pathways responsible for walking and mobility difficulties in Parkinson's.

  • Reduce Fall Risk.

    Strolll products can help you or a loved one to overcome slowness, shuffling, festinating and freezing of gait which are a leading cause of falls for people with Parkinson's.

  • Regain Confidence.

    Strolll products can give you and your loved ones the confidence to be more independent for longer by regaining your freedom of mobility at home.

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Detour Parkinson's Mobility Symptoms - Cue Markers

Placing Cue Markers on the floor and using them as a target to step on or over can enable a person with Parkinson's to bypass the part of the brain related to automatic movement which is impaired in people with Parkinson's and leads to a wide range of walking difficulties.

Using Cue Markers allows a person to detour the damaged neural pathways and instead, engage other unaffected brain areas which can also control movement utilising attention or goal directed motor programs.

  • - Tony

    “I’ve tried the lines, they help me walk around the cellar easily. I suggest these visual cues are very useful for people with parkinsons"

  • - Karen

    "It's good to feel safe"

  • - Brian

    "I was really focusing on them, so I think that really helped distract me from shuffling"

Cue X - AR glasses to assist & train movement anywhere, anytime.

Strolll's Cue X glasses are designed to assist walking for people with Parkinson's and provide a tool to deliver highly effective movement training and physical therapy.

The technology is developing fast and by 2024, we expect to have AR glasses that can be worn comfortably all day, and combined with Strolll's Cue X software, we hope to drastically reduce movement and walking impairment for people with Parkinson's Disease, anywhere, anytime.

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Our Supporters

Here at strolll we know that to drive real and meaningful change in the treatment of Parkinson’s we need support from the entire spectrum of stakeholders.

We’re lucky to have several relationships with leading Universities, Parkinson’s Charities, and some of the world’s largest companies who share our vision for a digital health revolution in Parkinson’s.

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Strolll has been fortunate to be featured by world leading media and news outlets who are helping us to increase awareness of the potential of sensory cueing in Parkinson’s. Check out some of the amazing features and stories by simply clicking below!