Accelerating Change

Strolll has several partners that have already joined us in our mission. From the world’s leading charitable organisations to some of the world’s largest technology companies, we’re all working together to accelerate change and redefine the reality of Parkinson’s for millions of people across the world. 

We’re always looking for new partnerships with collaborative SME’s, Universities, Charities, Healthcare partners, Health Insurers, Technology leaders or anyone that shares our vision
and believes they can help strolll to realise this vision faster. 

Magic Leap

In February 2019, Magic Leap awarded Strolll £140,000 in funding as one of 30 companies selected out of more than 6000 applicants in their inaugural creator grant program. Magic Leap was an early believer in strolll and from day one we’ve worked closely together with a strong alignment in the vision of both companies.

Shortly after completing the creator bootcamp in London, Strolll delivered our first “MVP” on Magic Leaps ML1 glasses, which enabled strolll to truly bring the Cue X concept to life. Over the past couple of years strolll and Magic Leap have continued to work closely together and with the recent release of ML2, we’ll continue to expand our partnership to truly amplify human potential in Parkinson’s with pioneering augmented reality technology.


We began working with Microsoft in 2021, after the acquisition of Project Holocue from VU University. Project Holocue was first inspired by the HoloLens 1, migrating to the HoloLens 2 towards the end of the project after it was released in 2019.

Across 2021, we’ve accelerated our partnership with Microsoft, having been invited into the Microsoft for Start-ups program, and recently joining the Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP). Together with Microsoft, we’ll continue to build our partnership, helping businesses and consumers involved in Parkinson’s to realise their full potential and pushing the boundaries of augmented reality with HoloLens. 

VU University Amsterdam

In February 2021, we partnered with VU University, and their Project Holocue, founded and led my Dr Melvyn Roerdink PhD, associate professor, technology in motion. Together we applied for a Eureka Eurostars grant, and in May 2021 we were awarded £450,000 in grant funding to support strolll in developing the technology further and providing funding for VU University to complete clinical feasibility trials of the resulting product.

In August 2021, strolll acquired Project Holocue from VU University, and as part of this, Dr Melvyn Roerdink PhD joined strolll as our Chief Innovation Officer.

Today, VU University is a shareholder in strolll, and a key supporter in delivering our vision to redefine the everyday reality of Parkinson’s.

University of Exeter

Strolll started working with the University of Exeter after reviewing Dr Will Young’s research on action orientated audio cues in Parkinson’s. Shortly afterwards, a customer of ours introduced us to Will and it was clear that there was a strong alignment between Will’s research and strolll’s product vision. Dr Will Young was recently awarded a £250,000 grant by Parkinson’s UK to explore cueing strategies in Parkinson’s and the impact anxiety has on movement symptoms. 

Our partnership with the University of Exeter is continuing to grow and expand and we’re currently exploring further opportunities to support further research and development to further improve our Cue X glasses for Parkinsons. 

Michael J. Fox Foundation

In 2021 strolll acquired Project Holocue from VU University in Amsterdam. Project Holocue was a £350,000 research project to explore the feasibility of mixed reality technology and cueing in Parkinson’s and ran from 2019 – 2021, led by Dr Melvyn Roerdink PhD.

Post-acquisition, Dr Melvyn Roerdink PhD joined strolll as Innovation Advisor and the technology and research funded by the Michael J Fox foundation has become an important piece of the Cue X glasses which strolll is continuing to develop further today.

Parkinson's UK

In 2021, Strolll became the headline sponsor of Parkinson’s UK’s two bi-annual conferences, one for people with Parkinson’s and their families, PAR-CON 21, and the other for healthcare professionals working in Parkinson’s. Strolll is incredibly proud to be the headline sponsor, providing funding, education, content, and support for the UK’s leading charity supporting customers across the country at the biggest Parkinson’s event in the calendar.