• Jorgen Ellis

    CEO & Co-Founder

    "I joined strolll because my grandfather had Parkinsons for more than 10 years. For me, leading strolll is a very personal mission, and I'm incredibly lucky to be able to apply my entrepreneurial experience to such an important problem"

  • Thomas Finn

    Founder & Creative Director

    "I started strolll in 2018 to help my dad walk again after seeing first hand the impact of visual cueing, and now we get to bring this technology to the rest of the world. It's incredibly exciting!"

  • Michelle Elliott

    Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

    "My Mum had Parkinson's, and now my Aunty (her sister) also has Parkinson's. I'm hugely passionate about strolll and the impact we can have the world"

  • Dr Melvyn Roerdink

    Innovation Advisor

    "I've always been fascinated by human movement sciences, which I'm fortunate to have made a career out of. To be able to combine leading science and frontier technology to change peoples lives is a powerful reason to get up in the morning"

  • Daniel Downes

    Tech Lead

    "I've been working in AR/VR development for more than 15 years across energy and health. I believe Strolll is the best use case of AR technology I've ever seen, with a direct impact on health and well-being, and it's incredibly inspiring to be able to apply technology in this way"

  • Anna Zielinska

    Senior Product Designer (XR)

    "Strolll is such an exciting company, I've been fortunate to work in VR and Health applications for a while, but it's always been educational/training. Bringing an application to Mixed reality that has a direct impact on a persons mobility and quality of life is very special!"

  • John Jepson

    Senior Unity Developer (XR)

    "I've been working on the development of Mixed Reality applications for 5 years now, mostly in complex manufacturing use cases. To be applying this technology to improve mobility in one of the worlds most complex diseases is a very inspiring endeavour and one I'm thrilled to be a part of!"

  • Sam Richmond

    Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager

    "I've worked in regulatory affairs for medical devices for over 20 years and this is one of the most exciting applications I've seen! I'm very happy to be on-board with the team!"

  • Ben Wain

    Clinical Director

    "As a Neurophysio with over 17 years experience in both the NHS and private sector as a therapist and working with new technology for treatment, I can honestly say that Strolll is the only time I've seen a company that I truly think will change physiotherapy forever. I'm so excited to be part of the leadership team that's going to deliver this"

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