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We're actively looking for people with Parkinson's, family members and healthcare professionals to provide feedback and input on our product development as we try to redefine the everyday reality of mobility.

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  • Unlock Your Mobility.

    Products designed to enable people to bypass mobility impairment in Parkinson’s with personalised multi-sensory cues.

  • (DTx) Neuro-Rehabilitation

    Movement training programs designed to increase exercise and slow Parkinson's progression.

  • Quantifiable Assessment

    Real-time gait analysis, symptom assessment and tracking enabling measurable treatment outcomes.

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Watch: Cue X software on Microsoft HoloLens

For Parkinson's mobility, what eyeglasses are for poor eyesight.

By 2024, Cue X will enable people with Parkinson's to have a light, comfortable and wearable medical device that looks just like glasses for everyday assistance.

Providing on-demand cueing to prevent and alleviate motor symptoms anywhere, anytime and totally redefining the everyday mobility for people with Parkinson's.

  • - Madhu

    "I know I'm walking in a straight line without a wobble... without being unsteady on my feet."

  • - Chris

    "I found the coloured lines were the best for me, I feel more confident walking outside already"

  • - Bill

    "Having the Cues is nice. I think it's impressive technology. The boxing was good fun!"

Unlock Mobility.

Strolll's patented Cue X software is the worlds first XR application that can provide multi-sensory cues (visual, audio and haptic) in a single device (AR Glasses) and place these in the real world of the user to empower them to bypass automatic motor impairment in Parkinson's and regain their mobility and independence anywhere anytime.

(DTx) Engaging Neuro-rehabilitation at home

Strolll's Cue X software provides AR movement training exercises designed specifically to train aspects of gait and walking that are known to support people with Parkinson's.

It's never been so easy to deliver Parkinson's movement training and physiotherapy remotely.

Data & Diagnostics

Strolll's Cue X software utilises the unique, rich data set available from the integrated spatial sensors on the augmented reality glasses to provide real time movement analysis and insight to monitor compliance, engagement and progression.

Data is provided to health care professionals to provide crucial information that can help them to optimise their training plan for people with Parkinson's.

Cue X - Redefining the everyday reality of mobility for people with Parkinson's.