Watch Now: The Strolll Story

An Entrepreneur from the UK.

Strolll was founded in 2018 by Tom Finn after taking time out to care for his Dad, Nigel, who was struggling with his mobility from Vascular Parkinsonism.

After being shown by a local Physiotherapist how coloured lines on the floor can help someone with Parkinson's to bypass affected brain areas and regain their mobility, Tom was inspired and set out with the idea to create a software application for augmented reality glasses which could put coloured lines anywhere in the world his Dad might need them, and giving him back his freedom of movement and quality of life.


A Leading Dutch Scientist and Inventor.

In 2018, Dr Melvyn Roerdink PhD, associate professor, Technology in Motion at VU University in Amsterdam had the idea to create a smart, wearable, assistive cueing device for reducing freezing of gait.

After some initial experimentation with the HoloLens, it was clear augmented reality was the next step, so Melvyn, along with his colleagues developed an initial MVP called Holocue, and shortly afterwards were awarded $500,000 USD from the Michael J Fox Foundation for initial feasibility studies.


Joining Forces

In 2021, Strolll and VU University partnered together an were awarded a €500,000 grant to advance our technology and and validate it through further scientific research.

Our Eurostars project will run for 18 months and began on 1 December 2021.